ArkansasIDEAS - Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools

How to Get Your STIN

1. Start with and click "Log In."

Triand home page

2. If you already have a Triand account, sign in and proceed to step 6. If you do not have a Triand account already, click "Need to Sign Up?" under "Password." This should take you to the sign up page.

Triand login page

3. Under the plan section select "Teacher - FREE: your school or district has already subscribed." Enter your information. The password you enter here will be the same password you will use on the ArkansasIDEAS page in Step 8 below. Note: If you do not have a district or school, please choose 'Professional Development' as your district.

Triand page to enter account information - First part

4. Agree to the terms and select "finalize my order & create my new account."

Triand page to enter account information - Second part

5. After completing step 4, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and a link that will allow you to activate your account. Click on the "activate my account" link in the email.

Email from Triand with activation link

6. You will then be taken to the Welcome page on the Triand website. Click on "profile."

Triand Welcome page

7. If you already have a Triand account, your STIN number is the State-ID. If you are creating a Triand account, click on the pink "Request State-ID" button. You will be asked to enter DOB and SSN. Enter the information and click "Save."

Triand user profile page

8. When your State-ID number appears, write it down. This is your state teacher identification number (STIN).

Triand user profile page showing the new State-ID

9. Click the button below to register for an account with ArkansasIDEAS.

Register for an Account Using Your STIN